Popular Living Room Design

Today’s living rooms have multiple functions that range from being a place to relax and study or watch TV and being entertained. They can even be a play area for the kids. The most common function of these rooms is they are a sanctuary for dealing with the stresses of a busy working day.

For most people, a living room should make a personal statement that expresses the homeowner’s thoughts and emotions. As such, the style of the room is important; it should be flexible, comfortable and with a personal touch. The style should have an alluring décor, definitive focal point and beautiful furniture and finishing and at a minimum meet the following requirements:

• The Décor should be influenced by the lighting of the room with a focus on natural light. The style’s décor should be guided by the direction the living room faces the source of natural light. A dark room will do well with a light and warm décor.

• The Focal Point is the point in the living room around which the style and décor will be based, and it does not have to be central. It can be the fireplace, a particular window, the main entrance, or even a specific piece of furniture or fixture.

• The furniture and Finishing are governed by the type of décor you will be going for to ultimately give you a particular living room style. Find a balance between filling the available space and cluttering it. As for the finishing, you have to consider the ceiling, walls, and flooring and these will also help you to pick the suitable décor.

While hundreds of styles are available that can be used for living rooms, they all revolve around the three points mentioned above.

Some of the trending living room styles worth a mentioned include:

1. Mix Of Modern And Contemporary

It is a style that borrows from the best of contemporary and modern mixing the two to achieve something new. If you love the traditional and still cannot find the strength to part ways with it and embrace the new, then this is the best style to consider for your living space.

2. In Transition

While this style may embrace some elements of the modern and contemporary mix, it is a mix of transitional elements that create a light and airy setting. It is a style that works with colors and fixtures to achieve a contemporary flair to any living room.

3. Traditional Elegance

Traditional elegance is a style that gives the living room a graceful appearance that also looks and feels timeless. The style can borrow from an array of cultures from across the world mostly focusing on the designs of the furniture, textures of the upholstery, and elements for past decades.

4. Rustic Cottage

It can be easily mistaken to be a traditional style when seen in any living room, but it is different. It mostly major on the high points of nature; what we can see and touch. Most rustic styles often focus on the natural feel of the elements used in construction the rooms as well as the furniture to create an alluring décor.

5. Craftsman Design

The Craftsman style is a design centered on simplicity and practicality. Every element in the overall results of the style gives a warm and inviting feel which is notable even if the design is based on a light or dark craftsmanship theme.

6. Midcentury Minimalism

Touching on the modern-contemporary style, this is living room style work best for rooms with ample spaces with natural lighting. It focuses on simple furnishings with clean details much of which is centered on the midcentury designs but with a modern twist.

Each of the style mentioned above is both unique and sundry. In most cases, styling any space in your home is often governed by personal influence.