Things to Think about For Bathroom Design Makeovers

Modern Bathroom Remodel

The humble bathroom; a practical room that should cry out style! For many homeowners, the bathroom may be the last room that receives any TLC. We may be focused on getting our living room looking like it belongs on the cover of a home interior magazine, giving our kitchen a makeover that would rival a celebrity pad and ensuring our home exterior will make a great impression to anyone visiting or passing by. However, could our humble bathroom be shoved to the back of the list? If this sounds like the situation in your home, rest assured, you are not the only one!

We have a lot to thank our bathroom for. In fact, out of all the rooms in our home, surely it is our bathroom that we need the most for survival! Playing such a key role in your home life, shouldn’t you make sure that your bathroom doesn’t just cry out practicality, but also shouts at style?

So if you are committed to giving your bathroom a well deserved design makeover, what should you take into consideration? Let’s take a quick look.

Know Your Personal Style

When a visitor walks into your bathroom, their first thought should be that it is ‘so you’. That means you need to give thought to your personal style. Are you all about retro and color? Do you love glitzy and glam? Are you the country cottage type of person?

If you are unsure of what your personal style is, take the time to look through home interior magazines. Highlight all of the pictures that appeal to you from the start of the magazine right through to the end. Next, analyze each picture you have highlighted and you are sure to see a trend or preference starting to come through.

Consider The Rest Of Your Home Decor

Your home should feel like a harmonious journey. That means, if your house cries out color and character, you may not want to opt for a clinical bathroom design. Quite frankly it will make you, and your visitors, feel uncomfortable when moving to the bathroom from the rest of the home.

By All Means Use Bold Colors, But With Caution

When deciding on a bathroom design makeover, it is easy to get caught up with bright and vibrant colors. While such shades can look amazing in the bathroom, be sure to use them with caution. Initially, you may love the vibe that they bring to the room, but you could quickly tire of something so dramatic.

If you do wish to add a vibrant color to the mix, consider using accessories to do so, rather than permanent fixtures or paintwork. In this way it will be both cost and time effective to enjoy a change down the line.

Don’t Forget To Think About The Practical Things

Be careful not to be so focused on the colors, fixtures and style of your makeover, that you forget about what the bathroom is actually for! Think about challenges which your family face and how your new bathroom design could aid these. For instance, if you have young children or an older person in the household they benefit from a specific design of bath or shower.

Indeed, opting for a bathroom design makeover can be an exciting venture. The styles and ideas trending at the moment are nothing short of spectacular. Just be sure to consider your own personal style, the decor in the rest of the home and the practical elements to the bathroom. That should have you well on your way to giving your bathroom a good helping of well deserved tlc!