Your Go-To Guide To Essential Bathroom Decor

Do you have dreams of giving your bathroom a much needed makeover? Have you been drooling over home interior magazines and wishing with all your heart that your dear bathroom could compare, even in a tiny way, to the stunning bathroom pictures on display? If this sounds like you, not all is lost. It is more than possible to create gorgeous bathroom decor on a shoestring, all you need to do is know a few secrets!

It’s All About The Paint

By simply changing the paintwork in your bathroom, you can significantly improve the style and general feel of the trusty restroom. Research bathroom colors that are trending and don’t be afraid to opt for something which is completely different to how your bathroom looks at the moment.

In fact, you don’t need to stop at the walls and ceiling, by using the right paint you can even give your floor a new and trendy image. Invest in a stylish bathroom rug and you are sure to stand back in awe at the difference you have just made to your bathroom decor!

Trusty, Trendy Towels

Investing in a new set of towels can instantaneously change the feel of your bathroom. Get rid of those old and faded towels you have slung over the bath and choose contrasting towel sets that will set off your accessories.

Make sure that you have a towel rack to show them off to their full potential. Of course, you don’t need to invest in anything too expensive. If your home has a rustic look then why not consider painting an old wooden ladder and using it has a towel rack? The final result can be nothing short of spectacular.

If You Can’t Change The Units, Change The Knobs!

If you are trying to improve your bathroom decor on a shoestring, the chances are you can’t afford to go out and buy brand new units. However, not all is lost! It is a lot cheaper to buy a few new knobs than buy a brand new unit, yet the effect can be just as good. Opt for knobs that fit in with the style of your bathroom and don’t be afraid to choose something that is eye-catching.

Lighting Is All Part Of The Decor

Now we are’t talking about a full remodel of the current lighting in your bathroom, just a few small, yet powerful adjustments. For example, hanging a crystal drop chandelier can quickly have your bathroom taking on a luxury and indulgent feel. Just head to your local bargain store and choose one that will give a stunning sparkle to your humble bathroom.

Choose Your Mirror Wisely

If there is one item in your bathroom that can make a tremendous impact on how stylish it feels, surely the bathroom mirror would be a worthy contender. Rather than opt for a practical mirror which simply covers your needs, consider making the mirror a focal point in the room.

If you shop around and visit discount stores you will quickly see that the choice of mirrors within a low budget is rather impressive. Choose something that will make a statement the moment you open the bathroom door!

Having a gorgeous bathroom certainly doesn’t need to cost you the earth. All you need to do is arm yourself with a few ideas like the ones above and enjoy getting creative on a budget. The bathroom is a much used room in the home, even if your life is on a shoestring, be sure to give a few inches to making your bathroom sparkle!